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At the end of my junior year I had to propose a senior design project to a panel of professors. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so the best I could come up with was looking at clean vs. cluttered (yet successful) design. Of course, that wasn't what they were looking for. They looked at a list of my interests and saw that I had listed "shipwrecks." They pointed out that it fit perfectly into the theme of order vs. chaos and off they went with ideas. My assignment for the summer was to visit seaports, research ships and their wrecks, and not worry about the direction of the project. This is place to collect pictures of the tall ships I had an excuse to go visit my photos and research.
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August 28, 2012 at 11:02pm

This came in today!

Not as great as the 1971 version (the illustrations in that one fold out and are therefore larger), but the designs are in my hands just the same!

F.H. af Chapman was a Swedish ship designer in the mid-late 1700’s.

Some facts about this genius fellow:

  • Born September 9, 1721 in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Was inspired by his father and began working in shipyards, noticed that the technology was not improving and quit to study mathematics
  • Learned copper etching
  • 1760 in Sweden - became Master Shipbuilder at Sveaborg
  • 1764 - Chief Shipbuilder to the Swedish Navy
  • 1772 - knighted for his achievements
  • 1779 - resigned, died in 1808
To buy this book.
To download some of his designs.


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